Tuesday, September 11, 2012

THE STONE workshop was a great experience for me. Sylvia & Maurice lead our work in a very fun and eye-opening way.The starting point they chose, "FREEDOM SUCKS", resonated with me: having a million options when you are looking for ideas to start, doesn't help at all. They offered us an apparently very simple thing to start with: a stone. With just that, it was impressive to see all the ideas people came up with.
I learnt a lot from my mates' working process, and Sylvia & Maurice were always there providing interesting feedback and making us think about our own work.

And providing inspirational materials and different exercises as they felt they were good for the group: one day, at the end of the week, we even went to play outside -you could see it totally worked! We needed it at that point. 

Also, me and another girl, Montse, wanted to get even more from them (greedy, hehe): as they also work together, we wanted to get some keys from them, and experience how producing artwork together was. And so we did! In short, here is what I did during the workshop:

First, after The Stone was introduced by Sylvia & Maurice, I began sketching. Unexpectedly soon a story came up from my own imaginary dialogue with a stone (I know it' sounds silly, but that's how it happened).

Then, as I mentioned before, the "working as a couple" experience came: Montse and I worked together for a while (no images yet resulting from our collaboration... But someday!). After that, we went back to our personal work, and at a point I got stuck. She and I started exchanging drawings, and as a result of that she gave me the starting point for a second story -which I've kept working on after the workshop. Now I'm finishing a book with this story!

I spent the last days of the workshop working on my first story: finishing the storyboard, defining my Stone character, and then trying and playing around with different techniques (some learnt from my workshop mates)

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